“Outdoor advertising reaches people on-the-go and offers extremely targeted messaging designed to intercept consumers.” - OAAA

Outdoor mobile video advertising is the most cost-effective and innovative way to advertise a product/service. This medium allows companies to attain exceptional audience attention from their target market. It’s a very inexpensive way to reinforce any existing advertising/branding campaign.

The Product Acceptance & Research Institute of Washington, DC conducted a study that calculated the consumer awareness and memory retention levels between static billboards and billboards that used motion and lights. The results found that 94% of consumers remembered the mobile billboards and only 43% recalled the static billboards.

Mobile Video Signs digital advertisements generate excellent exposure and high-impact impressions at the street-level. They are exceptional for brand awareness and recognition. They complement existing marketing campaigns very well. More important, they reach audiences missed by traditional broadcast and print media at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits include:

Location Targeting – Mobility empowers Mobile Video Signs to deliver ads that are precision targeted to specific locations. We bring YOUR message within close proximity to YOUR customer.

Demographic Targeting - We can reach key consumer groups based on ANY demographic. Ads run in high traffic tourist areas such as South Beach during the Winter Music Conference, New York during Fashion Week, Chicago during Taste of Chicago and Toronto during The Toronto Film Festival. In addition, we can market financial services in affluent zip codes, display language ads in ethnic communities, or customized messages directed at college students in and around campuses.

Technology - Mobile Video Signs trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art sound and digital video technology which far exceeds any other forms of print advertising in the mobile marketplace. This allows for branding capabilities never available in outdoor media.

Exposure - YOUR AD is brightly lit on digital screens which are positioned on both sides of the truck at eye level making it easy to view from almost any angle. Our trucks are impossible to miss and seldom ignored!

High Frequency - Mobile Video Signs ads produce frequency levels unmatched by any other medium. 7 days a week, 30 days a month, we generate repeated exposure, delivering your message over and over again.