Mobile Video Signs advertising can be seen in the major urban centers of the State of Florida, with heavy concentration in the Miami area.

Miami has become one of the hottest urban centers in North America. It is the connector of the Americas, and is rapidly emerging as a world-class, 21st century city with:

* the largest cruise ship port in the world

* the second largest international banking center

* the third largest Hispanic market in the U.S.

* the second-busiest passenger airport in the country.

Exceptional population growth, a hot economy, a well-trained workforce, and a central location near domestic and international routes is making Miami a favorite choice among Fortune 500 companies seeking Latin or Caribbean business.

In 2009, expansion will bring MVS trucks to the following cities:

* New York

* Los Angeles

* Houston

* Philadelphia

* San Francisco

* Boston

* Washington, D.C.

* Detroit

* Atlanta

* Chicago

* Toronto

* Montreal

Mobile Video Signs trucks roam the cities during the evening/night when the colorful video screen can be viewed from several blocks away. Weekdays employ a 6.5 hour run time while weekends utilize a 9.5 hour run time.

By 2010, Mobile Video Signs will have developed the technology capable of matching the video quality of the evening/night time and start run times during the day for increased exposure.