Whether you are a Advertising Agency, Entrepreneur or a private business, Mobile Video Signs is now offering a great opportunity for owning your own Mobile Video Truck.

We offer the latest in advertising technology. Be at the forefront of the industry by teaming up with Mobile Video Signs. There is no medium out there today that can get advertisement to be seen and noticed such as ours.

Our vehicles are easy to operate and maintain. Our sales team will also help in providing sales to all of our affiliates. We work with all of our affiliates as a team in helping each other support the business and the breakout of this technology.

Our vehicles are equipped with sound and three large video screens, one on each side and read of the truck. We can play almost any video format such as DVD, DVD-R, VCD, CD, CD-R, AVI, MPEG, WMA, etc.

Benefits with owning your own truck:

- Save money on your advertising budget. Why rent print billboards in high traffic areas for $10k-$50k per month when you can go to the same areas in Video for a fraction of the cost by owning a truck.

- You can drive to areas where permanent billboards are not permitted.

- Unlimited number of ads can be placed on a truck without any print or production costs.

- MVS can custom build and design trucks to your specific needs.

- Private businesses can advertise their own business as well as using the truck for an additional revenue stream by renting out advertising space.

- MVS vehicles attract attention better than any other form of advertising. The product is new and most people have never seen anything like it.

- MVS vehicles can be equipped with Satellite TV, Game consoles and WIFI internet connection.

The truck comes with a 3 year or 36k mile warranty. The equipment comes with a 1 year warranty. The truck is made by Ford or Chevy, which makes it very easy to maintain since there are repair centers all over the country.

Mobile Video Signs will help provide any potential buyer with full financing for the vehicle.

Apply for Financing today!

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